Sometimes noise is just that…

February 7, 2012

Watching recent Internet backlash and organizations reacting to it is fascinating. The volume is certainly up higher on people’s reaction to your decisions. While that may be a good thing in some ways it can also lead to some big mistakes, like changing an organization’s decision when the one they’ve made is the right one […]

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It’s About People!

December 5, 2011

I detest words like “publics, audiences, markets, influencers and opinion leaders,” and I especially dislike “stakeholders.” We all know what the terms mean, but I worry they make us forget we’re communicating with human beings. Sure, we are talking about groups of people with similar interests and issues, but we’re still talking about people. Communications […]

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Just Deal With It!

November 10, 2011

When are people going to wake up, smell the coffee and deal with problems in a direct manner? The mess at Penn State is just the latest example of how not dealing with something makes it worse. There is just no excuse for increasing your risk by trying to ignore a problem, minimize it or, […]

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Communicating Layoffs

November 4, 2011

While the pundits are claiming the economy is getter better, I keep getting questions from a variety of organizations about handling communications for additional rounds of layoffs. Frankly, this is something everyone in communications should be thinking about before it happens. Going through layoffs is a traumatic event. It is a clear statement that there […]

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Answer the Question!

October 12, 2011

Good public relations people know how to get their clients ready for interviews. We know our clients’ goals and objectives, and can help them project a favorable image if we prepare them well. But what happens when we don’t? Below is a recent case in point from ‘Face the Nation’ with Bob Schieffer. I think […]

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Listen & Learn Your Way to Communications Success

October 4, 2011

Corporate communications is challenging. New issues every day, shifting sentiments and changing media channels mean there is always something to learn. If you want to get ahead as a communicator, you need a curious and open mind. You also need a curious and open mind if you want to stay on top, no matter how […]

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Three Ways to Get to Simple Communications

September 26, 2011

Getting to simple is one of the hardest things communications professionals ever do. Gathering input and getting approvals can be a battle every step of the way. But each time you keep clutter out of a message, you’re a step closer to success. Whether planning, writing or executing, communicators always need to be looking for […]

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Giving Back. Getting More.

September 19, 2011

I just got home with my brain in high gear from a great week, even though much of it was spent in a small conference room (and in Washington, D.C. traffic just for good measure). I was invited to D.C. to be part of a management seminar for Air Force Public Affairs (AFPA) personnel who […]

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Tools Change. Not the Job…

July 25, 2011

“Men have become the tools of their tools.” Henry David Thoreau The debate about what PR is and should do in the brave new world of social networks makes no sense. I do not buy into the concept that there is a PR 2.0. The tools have changed. The job has not. Too much of […]

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