After 35 years in corporate communications and crisis management, I’m finding it interesting to be mostly retired and more of a media consumer than a producer. I do take on the occasional consulting assignment, but I’m picky. As a certified curmudgeon, I now get to work only with people I like and who have learned communicating includes listening.

I enjoy reading, mostly ‘news’ and fiction, golf and fly-fishing. I’m a dog lover with two great ones who are rarely far from my desk.

Watching the re-fueling of an F15 in flight, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

My other passion is supporting those who serve our country in the military, their family and friends. I provide pro bono communications consulting and speaking for U.S. Air Force Public Affairs whenever and wherever asked and find it very rewarding.

I’m also interested in giving back and have been a supporter of my local Make-A-Wish Foundation, including four years on the Board of Directors.

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