As a veteran of the communications industry, mainly in corporate communications and crisis management, I’m all about clear communications. If you are, too, I hope you’ll find this blog helpful and join the conversation.

I’ve seen great changes in how we communicate since I started in this business in 1975. The tools we use have changed drastically.


  • More information is available to more people than ever before
  • The news cycle has shrunk from 24 hours to about 24 seconds
  • Widespread distribution is no longer limited to mainstream media….

Today it’s possible for anyone to publish anything, accurate or otherwise, and make it instantly available to the world. And with wireless access, it can be done whenever and wherever.

For all that, I still believe the more things change, the more they stay the same. We have new, better tools and need to move more quickly, but our job is still listening, evaluating and telling the story clearly.

It is that simple. And that complicated.

Again, thanks for dropping by. Let’s talk!